About us


Together with our Samoyed we are living in Kruisland, in the province West-Brabant. Our children, Marijke, Tom and Koen, grew up with the dogs and are still enjoying them. For us it is important that our Samoyeds live among our family members, not in kennels. Some of our dogs are living with friends (so called co-owners) so they can be raised well, and get enough exercise and attention.


Our first Samoyed named Taiga, came to our house in May 1988. Her first litter came in 1991, of which we kept daughter Robber. Our kennel name is a combination of both their names. Meanwhile we were infected by the Samoyed virus and, as is common with other Samoyed owners, it is a virus we can't get rid of.

The first Samoyed we imported, came from Denmark, and is named Kaissa's Mister Hot Igloo (= Kayuk). With Kayuk we did a lot of shows in Holland and abroad, with good results. Kayuk also gave us many offsprings.

Taiga, Robber en Kayuk
Taiga, Robber and Kayuk

Two years later we imported Taymyr's An Cheliqa of O'Vaino (= Shakira) from Denmark. Kayuk and Shakira are the foundation of the type of Samoyed we are still breeding. Good health and the open and friendly character are priorities. We also think it is important that the Samoyed keeps his willingness to work and shows this in several branches of canine sports. As a result of importing new blood lines and using stud dogs abroad, we are doing our utmost to reach this goal.

Our dogs are living with us and with other animals in and around our house. The pups grow up among our children and the other dogs, and meet goats and our Frisian horse at a very young age.
As soon as they are 8 weeks old, the pups will have puppy training and follow ups. Depending on the interest of the individual dog, we continue in different kinds of canine sports. With some of our dogs we train agility. Everyday we ride the bike with the dogs. They then express their true character of a sledge dog.

We hope to be able to breed this great dog with his typical Samoyed smile, and in such a manner that we can pass on the happy, friendly and playful character of the Samoyed to many people.


F.l.t.r. Shakira, Kenai, Jenna and Kaissa - mother, daughter, granddaughters