16-01-2015 A lot of new pictures from: Yarak, Sterre, Jenna, Aydin and Tender.

We have the HD and ED results of Aydin: HD-A and free of ED. I am very proud of her. There are some new pictures of her on her own page.

Finally kennel Taigaro is on Facebook! You can find us at


Last weekend Pia and I achieved great results on two shows.

On Saturday, March 22 at the champion club match in Belgium: Jip 1E in the intermediate class.
Taigaro Fabulous Nuttah (Frenn) 1U in the junior class and also best junior in show. Taigaro Happy Hunter (son of Star and Yarak) was 1VG (very promissing) in the baby class.

On Sunday, March 23 at the show in Leiden: Taigaro Amazing Aspen (shepherd Aydin) 1VG in the junior class. Frenn 1E in the junior class, best bitch and BOB. For pictures, see their page.

Afgelopen weekend hebben Pia en ik schitterende resultaten bereikt op 2 shows.

16-12-2013 December 13 and 14 I have achieved great results at the Winner Show! I am very proud of my own bred females and Jip.

Taigaro Eyecather Espen (Balou), owned by G. Meijer and handler Anca Molenaar: 1E in the intermediate class, Best Bitch and Best of Breed, Winster 2013.

Taigaro Fabulous Nuttah (Frenn): 1VG in the baby class on December 13, and 2VG in the baby class on December 14.
Arctic Aivik Furry Jip: 3E in the intermediate on December 13. 1E, and Best dog, and Winner 2013 in the intermediate class on December 14.

02-07-2012 It took a while, but finally here's some news from the past.

We went to the show with some of our young dogs and gained great results.
This has also resulted in the Dutch Junior Champion title for Flynn (the Fabulous Flame Sanna Gourska) and Tybor (Kiak's Tybor Tiger or Power). For more results see the page of Flynn, Tybor, Kenai, Sterre and Tender.

Tender was tested for HD and ED and he is HD A, and ED free!
Flynn also has HD-A, hurray!, and eyes free of PRA, cataract and goniodysplasie. She has distichiasis as well.

We also went to Switzerland with Kaissa been to mate her with the brilliant male Clarus. Around August 26, we will expect her puppies. See the puppies page for more information.

Meanwhile, also Taigaro Shining Sterre is in heat. She will be mated probably around July 11, so keep an eye on the puppy page! We also have some nice new pictures of Tender, Kenai, Sterre (Enigmatic Sterre de Sanna Gourska) and Tybor. This can be admired on their own page.
07-12-2010 We have the test results of the HD test of Yarak: HD-A. Hurray!

Tuaq became Best Dog, Best of Breed and 7th of the breed group on the show in Bleiswijk.
Yarak became Youth Winner '10, res. Champ. and definitive Dutch champion on the Amsterdam Winner Show.
Yentl became Youth Winner '10, Winner '10, Best Bitch and definitive Dutch Youth Champion on the Amsterdam Winner Show.
We are very proud of our home bred champions.

22-03-2010 To make sure Tugger could get used to his new (old) surroundings more easily, we stayed three extra days at Ritva’s. That weekend the weather was extremely cold (between minus 30 and minus 40 degrees). We made two splendid sleigh rides and left a very relaxed Tugger at Ritva’s.
Ritva, thanks again for the pleasant time in cold Lapland. Enjoy Tugger. He is a terrific dog and we do miss him, but we know he loves living in Lapland.
The latest beautiful pictures of Tugger are shown on his own page.

New photo’s of Yarak, Yentl and Bowie were also put on their own page.
Snow and action photo’s of Nanuq and Tuaq are to be seen on Tuaq’s own page.
14-06-2009 Following her mother Kenai and grandma Shakira, Kaissa won the Champion Clubmatch 2009. We are very proud of her. This is also a beautiful homage to her mother Kenai, who died way too young and who won the Champion Clubmatch in 2002 and 2007.
14-03-2009 Eska as well as Tuaq won their first youth CAC on their first show.
Kaissa became best bitch on the show in Leiden, which led to her final Dutch Championship.
Totally dismayed we were about the very sudden death of Kenai on the much too young age of 6 years and 10 months. In the evening of Whit Monday she got sick suddenly and after a couple of tests it appeared she had stomach cancer with metastases in the liver. On Wednesday May 14 we took the extremely hard decision to let her go. Kenai enjoyed her short life and we enjoyed her. She was the pride of our kennel because of her fantastic looks but certainly also because of her great gentle personality.
All of our dogs and our family members are heartbroken by her death and we miss her terribly.
Kenai: we hope you’re happy behind the rainbow.
Totally unexpectedly we had to put Shakira to sleep at the age of 12,5 years. Despite the pain she had, she kept on being as happy and playful as she always was. We miss her terribly. The last half year we had to part from two fantastic dogs who are part of the recent lines we are breeding on. We hope that Shakira’s great character will remain in her descendents for a long time.
We received the HD-results from both Kaissa and Bowie. Both had HD-A (hurray!)

Within one day Kaissa became Youth winner ’07, Winner ’07 and Dutch Youth Champion on the Winner Show in Amsterdam. At the age of 12 months, she won the Dutch Youth Championship in only 4 shows. We are very proud of her. For more information and new photo’s, please visit Kaissa’s own webpage.


For May 2008 we have planned a litter of Vauhtitassun Johka and Arctic Aivik Timisch.

Tugger won Best Male and Best of Breed on the show in Liège.
Today we went to the vet with Kenai for an echo and she turned out to be pregnant.